Sunday, September 9, 2012

In the beginning. . .

I have been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time, and sadly it took the creation of my sister's blog (the least technology minded person I know) to convince me it was time. If she could do it, I know I can (sorry Little Bits!).

For now, I plan on using this blog to track my food creations and craft projects, since I am frequently asked about both of these things, I thought it would be helpful to start documenting them, steps, ingredients, lesson's learned etc. And, since I try to include my kids in everything I do, I'm sure they will make appearances along with all the cooking and crafts.

So, since this is day 1, and it's already post-dinner time here, I don't have any fancy pictures to share, but we dined on a yummy rosemary half wh, half ap flour veggie pizza served just in time for the Browns season opener, which sadly they lost, but back to food. . .for dinner we had leftovers from last night, pesto bread, which has become a bit of a speciality of mine (along with pizzas, and well, a varitey of other breads), and an orzo veggie bake. The Orzo dish wasn't anything fancy, I have struggled with a good pasta dish that is something other than a tomato based sauce, and not creamy. I know they exist, I am confient someday I will make something amazing in this category, but as of today, that is a growth opportunity for me in the kitchen.

Most importantly though it what's coming up, we made our first trip to the farmer's market this season, and I found a pumpkin! Yep, it's that time, I can't wait to start making pumpkin soup again. I will definilty take pictures of that when I get around to making it later this week.

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