Monday, September 10, 2012

Blueberry Banana Greek Yogurt Bread

While the start of the NFL season also means the start of Sunday pizza season for me, it also means I will routinely have a half jar of sauce come Monday. Nothing overly exciting done with it today, I just cooked up some bow ties and heated up some of the leftover veggie pasta dish we had from the weekend and brought some life to it by adding the sauce. Two day old will need help no matter how good it was in the first place. . .

Since we found ourselves with a plethora of green bananas a couple weeks ago that have seemingly taken forever to ripen, I was pleased to see some were finally getting ready for baking. I also happened to have a pint of blueberries that my little people asked for at the store, but have decided they didn't want to eat on their own, so blueberry banana bread was calling my name.

I started with a recipe from the Daily Garnish, got out my ingredients. . .

And when you forget the brown sugar, go ahead and take a picture of it too.

Next, mix together your wet ingredients (you may need to enlist the assistance of some little people. Put one in charge of wet ingredients and another in charge of the dry. Today, someone learned an important lesson, flour alone does NOT taste good.

 Add your blueberries in last, and you should have something that resembles this:

And finally, once you bake it, it should look like this. My convection oven cooks faster than a normal hour, so we only have to wait 45 minutes or so, just enough time to do the dishes and put them away in time to eat this. . .
Hopefully your pan looks better than this one, it really is clean, I didn't realize originally that with silicone bake ware you should not oil the pans, or they look really really bad for the rest of their useful life. Sadly, my photography skills could use some work, I'm opting to spare you the trauma of viewing the pictures I took of the sliced bread, as you would never want to make this recipe, and it really is tasty and looks nice in person.

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