Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 0: Planting Day

I have being toying around with the idea of starting a vegetable garden for several years, but just haven't started it. I actually bought some special dirt for it last year, and it just sat in the bag, all summer, fall and winter long. So, that brings us to a rainy/snowy/blistery March, ideal planting weather right? I was hoping that if the little ones help with the planting, then they'll want to try some of the vegetables they will grow. She's already excited about trying the peas. . .

I stopped by Ace and picked up some seeds over the weekend, along with some small planter pots that can actually be potted directly into the ground, so I don't have to worry about disturbing the roots later. Sounded good, we'll see how that works out.

Since we're starting from seeds, we are going to be growing indoors for a while. We started by spreading a garbage bag on the floor (it was below 30 over the weekend, which was just too cold for my helpers to be outside), then we gathered our seeds, the pots and some water.

I started off with two assistants (3 if you include Clifford)

This little girl has a green thumb, she's in charge of the mid-day watering, and has been doing a great job with the responsibility.

This little boy grew bored with the indoor garden and decided to ride a horse instead.

We decided to start with zucchini, snap peas and asparagus. Then, for fun, and hopefully some help with pollination some morning glory flowers. I also found a small herb garden kit, it should have chives, basil, dill and parsley. I wrongly thought the seeds would be separated, but they weren't, so I'm not really sure how they will start growing, it sounds like it will be a herb mess for a bit, but we'll see. .  We've been taking turns watering them, but thought it would be fun to watch their progress as they grow. Here they are Day 0, wish us luck.
Week 0: Veggies and flowers (flowers are in the small pots on the sides)

Week 0: Herb Garden

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