Thursday, November 8, 2012

We're going to . . .


This was the night before our trip, because like any other sane person, I would wait until the day before the trip to find the right type of book to turn into an autograph book. I opted for all black in case you were wondering, so Mickey and the gang will be providing their autographs in gold, silver or bronze ink. I embellished the book with some Mickey and Minnie decals I made, more to come on the autograph book at a later date.back to the trip. . .

It wasn't the best start to the day, our aging doggie became very alert to the fact we would be abandoning her, and ended up coming down with a nasty bought of Shar Pei fever, hopefully she is doing better tomorrow, she just doesn't do well with change this late in her life :(

As you may have guessed, this was the first flight for the kids, sadly, we were unable to get 3 seats together (little boy sat on a lap), and everyone around us was in a family, so there was no hope to move. Luckily we ended up with possibly the best two kids ever on a plan. Little boy sat up front, whined slightly during take off and promptly fell asleep on Daddy's chest where here remained for the entire flight.

Little girl was always the one we were more worried about as she gets motion sick like I do. Well, turns out Sea Bands work great for her and she was as happy as can be. I on the other hand, also used Sea Bands, typically I use TransDerm Scope patches when traveling, but in effort to get her to keep her bands on, I got myself a pair too. I was miserable most of the flight, and was not the best company as I sat with my eyes closed most of the time. Never fear though, we still had a lively trip with coloring, book reading and a billizion questions.

Snack time on the plane was fun, Little Girl enjoyed some Delta cookies, and I drank some ginger ale (considering I never drink anything other than water or milk, that alone should tell you how I was feeling), it helped some.

Following the plane ride, we went down to hope on the Disney Express. I have read a lot about how great this service is supposed to be, they drop you right off, it's so convenient. . .I personally don't share that opinion. Yes, it's "free" as part of your resort stay, so I guess that is the benefit, but after a 25 - 30 minute drive to the Disney World property, you still have to sit and wait for people in all the other resorts to get out first. It took FOREVER! And after making it the drive to the airport, the plane ride and the first 45 minutes of the shuttle ride, Little Girl couldn't take it any more and managed to get very very sick, lucky for me, she was sitting on my lap at the time. Very suddenly, we went from the happiest place on earth to the messiest. YUCK!

An hour later, both kids had taken a bath, Little Boy wasn't dirty, but he has to do everything his sister does, all of our clothes were thoroughly rinsed and we realized at 4:20 PM we were all starving and our dinner reservation wasn't until 6:05! Luckily, we hit right before the crowd, so we were able to get in at BOMA. As you can see, food managed to lift every one's mood quite a bit.

He was SO excited to have some milk, all he wanted to do was drink. We drink a lot of milk at our house, so it's always an obstacle when we travel, water is easy to travel with, milk, not so much. Of all the food available, the ONLY thing he actually ate was a 2 bite pumpkin cheesecake. It was good, I had one myself, but that's not what I would expected him to pick.


Since we were able to eat early, we were able to have some time to swim after dinner. Where are the pictures of that you ask? Well, it's in the low 60's here today, so as you can imagine, it was pretty chilly out, I wasn't brave enough to get out of the water to take any pictures, as the water was slightly warmer than the air. We really wanted to get some good pool time with the kids this week, so even with the cold, we thought it would be worth it to go in for a bit. There were only 4 other people in the pool when we first got in. . .and after about 20 minutes, Little Boy was physically shivering, so we scurried inside for a warm bath (yes, they had TWO baths with in the first 4 hours of being in Disney World).

This is the view from our room. I can't believe how close the animals are. And they actually move around quite a bit, there were several zebras and giraffes, I came back 5 minutes later to take a picture and I have gazelles instead. Sadly, we're only in this hotel for one night. We tried to make the most of it, but we could have easily stayed here for a couple days and not even visited a park and been entertained.

We will have a jam packed day at the Animal Kingdom and then Mickey's Christmas Party tomorrow night, I look forward to sharing those adventures soon.

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