Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The park opened at 9, and was a 5 minute walk from our hotel room, but shortly after 8:30, we found this. . .two kids put themselves in their strollers ready to go for the day.

The Little Guy even has a toy whale in his hand
Immediately inside the gate we found Christmas Shamu

We had a lot of fun going around from show to show, Dolphins, Clyde & Seamore, Shamu (with baby Shamu never than a fins length away) and then an encore performance of Clyde & Seamore.

Someone was trying really hard to get me "volunteered" for the user participation portion of the show, but luckily they selected the "man with a goofy smile". He thought he was safe with the Little Guy on his lap, but since I was the one holding the nice camera,  I ended up being safe, and they lined him up nicely for a picture. Now, during the first show, the volunteer for this piece had a cute picture taken with the sea lion smiling next to him (yes, the sea lion actually smiled). But, not the chief food critic, he got a good old SeaWorld send off with a sea lion splash all down his backside. I found it very entertaining considering he has talked about this show non-stop  since we first decided to go to Orlando.

And after the shows, the kiddies had a bit of fun in the kid zone. . .correction, I finally got to ride a Merry-Go-Round after missing the neat looking one at the Magic Kingdom. This was the first time I have had to put a seatbelt to ride a Merry-Go-Round, but I understood why, the sea creatures weren't shaped as well as horses and people could easily slip off. The Little Guy was terrified and tried to get off after the first time around, the Little Girl did much better.

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