Friday, November 2, 2012


I won't lie, I'm not a big Halloween fan. I don't mind that people like coming for candy, we happily hand it out each year, but with the cold and rain this year, we ended up looking like this. . .I know the weather wasn't ideal this year, but when you have to go outside in the cold and search for kids to give candy and pretzels too, it's always sad.

Of course, my head food critic likes to blame the lack of kids on the fact that I think they will like little bags of pretzels. Sadly, one kid did decide to hand back the pretzels, but most happily take them. We did manage to get rid of all the candy, but the last couple kids got a lot. Hopefully your neighborhood had a better night.

And in case you were wondering, skeleton girl below was so scared of candy after reading the Pea Book (which really is a good book if you haven't seen it) that she had no desire to trick or treat, and the little guy doesn't eat candy either yet.

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