Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moonstruck Chocolates

It's been a busy week here, sorry for the lack of posts, let's go back a few days to catch up. My chef food critic and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary over the weekend. I always go for a variation of the traditional gifts. Some years I have to be more creative than others. This year was an easy one, CANDY! So, I while I could have gone for something simple like a pre-set box from Godiva, but we have been fans of a company called Moonstruck for years. They are based out of Oregon, so it's not exactly close.
They used to have a location on Michigan Ave in Chicago, that's where we found them. . .they had the most amazing milkshakes. I chocolate peanut butter milkshake was by far the most amazing milkshake I have ever had, it was smooth, flavorful and it was a sad day when we discovered it was no longer available in Chicago. Is it odd that Moonstruck milkshakes were considered a highlight of a trip to Chicago on more than on occation. . .that alone should tell you how awesome these milkshakes were. . .anywyay, they're not longer there, but, if you call the nicec people in Oregon, they will send you a cute little cooler packed with dry ice and a box of chocolately goodness. 
Here's what the box looked like when it first arrived:
Most of the truffles I ordered fit in the box, but there was one gigantic one that was filled with peanut butter AND a carmel (sadly, it was not as good as it should have been given it's size and cost), but the rest were good.

 As you can see, there were a couple selected especially for our little friends, Little Girl devoured the duckie last night and this evening ate the face of the elephant. Here's a run down of the others we have tried so far:

Mayan Truffle (the one that looks kind of like a snickerdoodle), it's a special Mayan choco blend rolled in cinnamon and sugar, yum! They told me it was one of their top sellers when I ordered, and I understand why.

The ones in the opposite corners that aren't animals (with the red flower on top) are Dark chocolate chamboard filled truffles, extra yum!

 The one to the left of teh duckie is a salted carmel sea shell, the carmel was soft and flavorful.

The one pyramid with a white chocolate top had espresso in it, so I didn't bother with that one.

The white one is a pumpkin pie truffle, perfect for the season.

The one to the right of the pumpkin pie was a french mousse truffle, it was sadly a let down, it was a flat truffle instaed of the traditional round, so there wasn't enough filling for my liking, too much ganache, not enough mouse, but the little hearts on top were cute.

The one below that is called the pot of gold, I was out of town for work when it was consumed, but I heard it was the best one yet, so sad I missed it.

And finally, the third from the left on the bottom row was also consumed while I was away, it was described to me as poorly executed buckeye. Apparently Oregon candy makers don't make buckeyes as well as Ohioians, go figure. In the defense of the candy makers, they do not call this a buckeye, but most midwesterners presented with a peanut butter and chocolate truffle would expect a buckeye. . .

We still have a few more to try, but if you're ever in Oregon, or just looking for some unique chocolate option, check out Moonstruck.

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